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Jenée Strickland


When you love your job, it ceases to be work. I help to bring about the happiest day in a couple’s life as a Chicago Wedding Planner and I feel so honored to be a part of this incredible milestone. My passion is weddings—each of them unique as the bride and groom who celebrate them. My priority is building a bond with every bride so that she is more friend than client. I see myself as an ally—one that can truly understand what every wedding says about each couple.

I have been around weddings my entire life. As a girl I shadowed my father, a talented photographer, and president of the Wedding Photography Association of Orange County. From this unique beginning, I was able to soak in so much information. I not only learned the components of documenting these celebrations, but I began to see how the entire day is carefully orchestrated, like a waltz.

I continued to grow professionally, working with the most elite catering company of Southern California, The Turnip Rose. Here, I learned the nuts-and-bolts of weddings—all the behind the scenes activity that must come together to create a perfect day. I became well-versed in successful preparation, set up, coordination and styles. I am always eager to gain more knowledge, to come up with new ideas, and I learn from each of my brides. For the past ten years in Chicago, I have continued my journey, learning everything I can along the way.

I simply love weddings. My talent for paying attention to detail, truly listening to what my brides want, and ability to think creatively, make me a natural wedding coordinator. My experience will make your wedding planning creative, exciting and easy. Visions Event Studio is my vision realized.

My job is a privilege; my work is my passion.

Warm Regards,

Jenee Strickland



After planning several events for family, friends, and in the corporate setting, I realized my enthusiasm and ability to create a unique events grew into a passion that I excelled at. 

Growing up I read a variety of romance novels with imagining being carried off into the sunset by my knight in shining armor. The dreams I had as a girl turned into a reality as I entered into the wedding industry ten years ago, and the past four years as a Certified Marriage Officiant. 

My diverse skill set encompasses the ability to create memorable events with a passion for my clients that comes to life as I serve and listen to their needs, their stresses, their desires to create an unforgettable wedding for the couple in love. I am committed to delivering unmatched service for the couples wedding experiencing that consists of focusing on every aspect resulting in nothing short of excellence. My ability resides in guiding you in every step delivering a seamless process which allows the couple to enjoy the special time in their lives and a day that will always be cherished.

internship team

Gabrielle Logsdon


Writing is undoubtedly my main passion, but love is a very close second.

I’m the friend who plays matchmaker (granted, my success rate is not the best), and mentally prepares for the wedding as soon as someone gets in a relationship. As corny as it sounds, I just love love. And weddings!

I discovered my love for weddings when I was eight years old. My cousin was getting married at a breathtaking bayside venue in San Diego, and it was everything I could’ve dreamt for myself. I can still picture the fairy lights reflecting on the water and the intricately-designed, three-tier cake that I thought was so huge there was no way we’d finish it. The wedding’s electric and romantic atmosphere, combined with the absolute looks of adoration on the faces of the bride and groom made me impatient for my own. No, really, I’d have a wedding tomorrow if I could.

I’m so excited and fortunate to be able to write for Visions Event Studios about something I care so much about, and I look forward to generating creative, helpful content for our brides!

Taylor Moran


My name is Taylor Moran. I grew up in the Washington D.C. area and attended LSU where I studied Public Relations. I have a passion for healthy eating, fitness and travel. I run my own food and wellness blog on Instagram where I create and share recipes, travel stories, restaurant recommendations and wellness tips. I am interested in one day opening my own Luxury Resort and Spa and travelling the world in my free time.

Charlotte Tennant


I have always had a passion for romance, love, and most importantly weddings. As a young girl, I always dreamed of the biggest day of my life – my wedding day. To be a part of a person’s biggest milestone fills me with joy and to execute the perfect wedding and make the bride and groom’s wedding dreams come true would be an honor. Growing up in Sydney, Australia, I lived around a wedding hotspot and after witnessing many beach weddings and seeing the pure joy overcome the bride and groom I knew my calling in life was to plan weddings.

Being part of the Visions Event Studio team has allowed me to effectively combine my passion for love with my creativity to expand my ideas and grow my skill set as a wedding planner. I am thrilled to begin my journey as a wedding planner at Visions Event Studio, shadowing incredible women that share similar drive and enthusiasm as myself.

My goal-oriented, energetic, hardworking and adaptable outlook allows me to expand my personal and professional dreams in the wedding industry. I am so excited about helping to create new and creative experience’s for guests and the couple. My goal is that their big day is more than just a moment, but a moment they will reflect on for the rest of their lives!

Jaycee Streeter


Always a flower girl, never a bride.

Growing up, I always attended at least two weddings a year, and by the time I was a ten, I had a collection of flower girl dresses in the back of my closet. Weddings were my favorite events, because it not only brought together my giant extended family from all over the country, but it made my family even bigger. To me, weddings aren’t just a symbol of romance but of family and community.

As I grew up, I found myself always waiting for the wedding scene in movies and novels. Sitting on the edge of my seat, I would admire the decadent gowns and blossoming bouquets. I also saw “The Wedding Planner” for the first time, and realized that my admiration could grow into a life-long profession.

I am thrilled to join the Visions team and get the chance to participate in the joy of proposals and wedding ceremonies in my professional life. My creativity and passion combined with my (semi-neurotic) organizational skills are finally being put to use, designing and executing unique eve

intern in training

Olivia Allan

[Mini Intern]

I’m a 3rd generation creative, my grandfather being the first.  He was a wedding photographer in California where my mom was an intern and learned so much.

Since I was four, I have always wanted to help my mom with her job.

I love creating anything, whether it’s art, baking, or crafts; my hands are always dirty with glitter and paint.

I started helping my mom in 2017 where I fell in love with the proposals.  

She allows me to help choose the flowers, make rose petals (that is one of my favorite things) and even allows me to set up and light the candles right before the big moment.

I love to pray for the couple before hand and am proud to be helping my mom with the couple’s biggest day of their lives. 

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